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I am a retired Middle School Social Studies teacher who grew up in the wilds of the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. I came up with the idea for history-mystery books for kids (or kids at heart) during my very first year of teaching way back in 1982. I just completed my third book in The B.T. and Jimmy Adventure Series in 2017. It is titled The Mystery of the Haunted Opera House, and I think it's bigger and better than the first two!


My books contain elements of real-life history and share important life lessons about overcoming adversity and persevering despite the odds. Readers love and appreciate my books' fast pace and excitement, as well as B.T.'s efforts to overcome his own personal struggles and setbacks. I think that my stories can help other people who are struggling, whatever the reasons. In my 30 years of teaching in a disadvantaged area, I've seen so many youngsters who could benefit from my stories, and I would love to share them with everyone!

I currently live in Derby, Vermont. I enjoy spending time with my wife, Mary, as well as my five children and granddaughter. In addition to The B.T. and Jimmy Adventure Series, I have authored a book about my father-in-law's World War II experience in Burma and China.


The illustrator, Stephanie L.C. Perkins, is my daughter-in-law. She is originally from Rutland, Vermont, and currently resides in Northern Vermont with her husband, Jason and daughter (my granddaughter), Kaelani. Steph enjoys biking, photography, coaching softball, and spending time with her family. She received degrees in Illustration and Graphic Design from Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, New York.

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