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The B.T. and Jimmy Adventure Series

Book 1 Silver Statue.jpg
The Mystery of the Silver Statue


ISBN-13: 9781463779337


Follow the adventures of young sleuths B.T. Stevens and Jimmy Martin as they solve what is actually a real-life mystery of Colonial Vermont history. B.T. struggles with a disability and learns to appreciate his own strengths through the adventure and thanks to enduring friendships and strong family ties. Beyond being a charming work of fiction, The Mystery of the Silver Statue is also a valuable tool for discussion on both Colonial American History as well as the importance of self-worth. It includes heroic deeds, the search for a long-lost relic, and lessons on overcoming real-life struggles. Even reluctant readers love it. It's fast-paced, exciting, and its lessons are priceless. One recent reader is quoted as saying, "It's better than Harry Potter!"


Book 2 Brick Kingdom.jpg
The Mystery of the Brick Kingdom


ISBN-13: 9781463570583


The B.T. and Jimmy Adventure Series continues with this page-turning sequel to The Mystery of the Silver Statue. Follow teen detectives, B.T. Stevens and Jimmy Martin, as they help a friend search for her family's long-lost treasure in the Brick Kingdom, an abandoned, 19th Century industrial park. B.T. strives to overcome his feelings of low self-esteem and learns the importance of facing his own fears and persevering, despite the odds. Will the mysterious "eagle disk" only be a red herring, leading B.T. and his companions astray? Will our heroes discover that the Burton Family fortune is for real? Trap doors, secret tunnels, and evil relatives; can anything stop them from locating the buried treasure?


Book 3 Haunted Opera House.jpg
The Mystery of the Haunted Opera House


ISBN-13: 9781547105878



The B.T. and Jimmy Adventure Series continues with Book 3, The Mystery of the Haunted Opera House. Follow the teen detectives and their friends, Patti and Sandy, as they venture into the realm of ghosts and strange happenings at the world-famous Haskell Opera House and Library. Situated on the international border between Vermont and Canada, the Haskell has long been rumored to be haunted. When the Paranormal Investigators of New England show up to investigate, B.T. and his friends tag along to check things out. That's when unusual events begin to heat things up. Follow this mystery's twists and turns as B.T. and his team attempt to separate the real from the supernatural.

Additional Titles

Maurice E. LaClair:
A Vermonter's Memories of the CBI Theater in WWII


ISBN-13: 9781456412289

A Vermonter's Memories of the CBI Theater in World War II is a biography of Maurice LaClair's experiences fighting in WWII. It is an excellent firsthand account by a soldier who lived through the greatest war in history. This collection of memories is based on historical documentation and interviews with Maurice LaClair, a Vermont native and farm boy who was called to war in the spring of 1942. 


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